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Guess what today is?

National Weed Appreciation Day!

No, not the Happy, all is good in the World kind, the Growing in your garden kind.

Which is awesome because I love weeds.  

But do you know how National Weed Appreciation Day came to come about?

It was to remind people that a weed is just a plant that is growing where you don't want it to.

So let me tell you a little bit about my favourite ones:

Dandelion which is fantastic as a diuretic.  You can use it as a tea, or in a salad, but I personally love it because it is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Cleavers which is what you use on your lymphatic system.  It is awesome as a Spring tonic and tastes like celery and watermelon.

Yarrow stops bleeding.

Plantain is awesome for inflamed conditions of the skin.

Puha is good for getting the tummy juices moving and I have a particularly good Puha tonic for homesickness.

Chickweed is fantastic for joints and those who need more nutrients.

But what I love about weeds is that I get to use the Doctrine of Signatures, which is all about a plant showing you what it fixes.

Red is for your blood and your reproductive system and works directly with your Base Chakra.

Orange works on the Navel Chakra and is all about your personal power.

Yellow is for vitality and it is the source of all Energy.  It also works with the Solar Plexius Chakra.

Green is for the Heart Chakras because it gives life and symbolizes the beginning of new Births.

Blues speak of the throat, head and upper respiratory tract. 

I always like this because Blue is a Healing colour for me and I often find that throat/cold/flu/sinus issues directly relate to not speaking your Truth.

I love the whole concept of weeds and Doctrine of Signatures, colours and Chakras though...it's like a little bit of magick that lives outside my french doors, welcoming, calling, tempting and teasing.

Wholeness of Spirit, contentment of physical body and nourishment of my Soul.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit