30 Sec's on....



I need to change petrol stations.

No, not because I can't afford the price and now need to bike everywhere, but because I accepted a date from a man I don't know, don't want to know and have zero desire to date.

And it kind of happened by accident.

First off, about a month ago we were chatting away, as you do, and he said, You're a really happy person, and always smiling.  You have a really good life.

Oh c'mon, how was I supposed to see that as a potential sign of interest?

A week later he said, You must be rich, you have horses.

I laughed.

Last week, he said he would like to see my horses.

To be fair I did get a bit of a ding ding moment then, but I was super busy at the time and just said, Nothing to see really, they just hang out at home.  Smiled then left.

Well, yesterday he cornered me when I went to get a gas bottle and asked if I would like some food.

Now just before you say it, I'm a super busy Cancerian girl and anytime anyone asks if I want food the answer is, Yes! 

Then he started asking about days.


I politely made excuses about running late, horses needed feeding etc and left.

But it weirded me out.

Later I wondered why.

Yes, anytime a man uses the phrase, You're attractive then follows it up with, You have money, it creeps me right out.

But it went deeper than that.

Then I remembered a conversation that I had had with some friends the other day, and it went like this:

I'm not happy about my daughters boyfriend.  He's too soft.

Soft?  You mean he's too emotional?

No.  Soft.  He hasn't climbed mountains.  There is nothing that he has done which is bigger than him, that he has conquered.

I got it.

Because I'm not your Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 girl.  I've been in my business now for just shy of 30 years.   Back when no one thought it was a business, and if you were lucky you got paid $10 an hour, wore velvet and did markets.

And I remember saying to Spirit, I'll do your work, but I won't work for $10, wear velvet OR do markets.

And I never did.

Instead I Read for clients in person, over the phone, on Nationwide Radio Shows, did TV interviews and numerous mainstream Magazine articles.

While raising my son as a single, divorced parent.  

The 24 hours a day, 365 days a year kind.

And that's what had weirded me out.

I have my mountain.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit