30 Sec's on....



You know I don't buy into the whole theory that all kids are the same.

Mainly because they're not.

Some love to read, some play sports, some are science orientated, can do maths quicker than a calculator or play chess. 

Others love to write or sing, some love to see how things work or make things, while some others are artists and creatives.

There are some, like me, who see words in colours, taste emotions and learn only by Touch.

Or who just can't sit still. 

Everyone has a strength.

And everyone is different.

So it always surprises me when we try to make kids good all rounders.

We tell them that one strength or one talent is not enough.

We explain, in the nicest possible way, that differences are weaknesses.

That if you have areas where there is little, no or downright, non-existent ability, that you're a failure.

Well, that's not true.

Because for someone like me, I was never a good all rounder. 

I had one talent.  Two if you were being generous.

And that got brought home to me today while I was having a numbers conversation with a guy.

I finished the conversation, hung up, and knew that he thought I was thick.

Well, whenever someone says, There are step-by-step, baby, even-a-dummy-could-do-it tutorials on You Tube, you know you haven't won, The Smartest Chick in The Room competition.

Which was kind of funny, because anyone that knows me, wouldn't say that.

So this one is a shout out to all the kids today.

The strange ones, the quirky ones, the ones that don't fit into the square...

Your life is going to be fantastic, not in spite of, your differences, but because.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit