30 Sec's on....



So I was joking around with a girlfriend and she said, Do a blog on Unrequited Love.

I can't do that, because I don't believe in it.

Every single person I have ever dealt with in this situation, 100% of the time, has eventually got their opportunity and 100% of the time, they have texted me later and said, The sex was disappointing.  He wasn't what I thought he was.  I couldn't have been with him.

So, you know, no Unrequited for me.

But let me share with you one of the Old Stories...spoken around the fire, when Time stood still, and magick wore the feathers of an eagle.

Back in the days when the buffalo roamed the Earth, there was a man in love with a woman.

She had eyes the colour of the sky, and skin like burnished copper.  She was soft as a Summer's breeze and deep as the river.

Fiesty as the desert storms that suddenly come, and graceful as the sleek black, Mountain cat.

Her smile made his heart melt and loins fire.

And he wanted her.

But she was already promised to another.

But he wanted her.

So he went to the Witch Doctor for a spell.

She bled chickens.  She blood sacrificed.  She spoke to Spirit.  She made potions.

The man wanted more.

He wanted her completely.

For her Soul to travel through not just this life, but every life, just for him.

To follow whenever he went.

In his footsteps.

On her heart.

He got more chickens, more blood sacrifices, more potions.

Still she would not come.

So he went back one more time.

For one more spell.

Pray to me, he begged the Witch Doctor, I am jealous, do not pray to any other.

Follow me to the ends of this Earth.

Through the Under worlds of Demons and Gods.

Then through again.

Over and over, until the end of Time.

My eyes are your eyes.

Your thoughts are my thoughts.

Your life is my life.

The last spell worked.

She did.

And did.

And did.

It broke his heart.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit