30 Sec's on....




So I was having a cool conversation the other day with a girlfriend, and all of a sudden she said, I don't know how to get this success.

Which I found very odd, considering she's already sucessful.

But she was talking about a different success, in a new way.

I took a moment.

Ok, well, I look at the success I want and then I go back, back, back, back, then I stop and look again.  And if I still don't see how I could get success, then I keep going back until I get my UREKA moment.

That moment which makes me go, Ooooooooooohhhhhh...I know how to do that.

This may take 100 steps, sometimes 500.

I just keep going until eventually, when I go back far enough, I know how to do one teensy tiny thing.

And there, right there, is my moment.  

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit