30 Sec's on....



So I have a new friend.

We'll that's not quite true, we have the very, very first start of what could potentially develop into a friendship.

Or at least a personable like.

But to be fair, it started off on very shakey ground.

Mainly because I don't like worms.

In fact, since this is just between you and me, I'm almost phobic about them.

Actually, if it came down to worms and a rat, the rat would come second.

So, I really, really don't like worms.

I'm also averse to extremely long, black, things that wiggle with no reason.

So, you know, Horace and I weren't off to a good start.

But then I found out he was 18 years old, which apparently is the age beyond death.

And he was blind in one eye.

So what had originally been a, Hell no, I am NOT feeding that damn eel! 

Turned into:

OMG he's so cute! And look...he likes his nose being rubbed.

But anyway, I'm still not keen on blood worms, and I can't say I'm a fan of extremely long, black, wiggly things that move without me touching them.

Ultimately though, it worked out that those are just outside things.

It's really just Horace.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit