30 Sec's on....



I bloody love working with Spirit...because it's never stagnant.

The Energy is consistently moving and gyrating, diving into depths, climbing mountains, sometimes doing a little twerk, but generally being kind of cool.

Which I like, that works for me.

But periodically, Spirit will say to me, Hang about, we're going to do a clean out.

And I, in my innocence, am like, Sweet!

For about 30 seconds.

Until I realize what they really mean...as my phone flies from my hand, does this little backflip kind of thing about 6 times, then lands screen down on hard concrete and I completely and utterly, lose almost 400 contacts.


And then a few colourful words when I understand that I've also lost apps, passwords, bank accounts, gps...

But you know, once I realize what they've done, and why, I kind of sit back and relax.

It's not really the end of the world.

I don't need 400 contacts.

Some people I haven't heard from in the past year because it was a one way friendship, some have just gone travelling on different paths and we'll meet up later, some I found I had nothing in common with, and some were just mini adventures with a start, middle and end date. 

And sometimes, Spirit just get muppety and don't want me being available to peeps.

They'll be like, Yeah, we're just going to divert things here...

And then they put up walls, blockages, road works and hedges until I am back on track. 

That's what Spirit do.

In their beautiful Spirit way.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit


*  How the fuck I ever got anywhere without GPS though, I have no idea.