30 Sec's on....



You know Mr Science and Miss Spirit walk hand in hand.

No, really, they do.

I see Mr Science as tall and good looking, totally in his head, and a little OCD.

Miss Spirit on the other hand, is curvy, and always laughing.

Always pulling Mr Science by the hand, to see Just one more thing in the forest, while Mr Science will be talking about the temperature and why something will or will not, thrive in this environment.

But Mr Science and Miss Spirit, don't always get on.

In fact, Mr Science often thinks of days where Miss Spirit might be somewhere else.

As does she.

But never for long.

Because they belong together.

Mr Science, while he is finding new ways to do old things, late into the night, creates blueprints of what could be.

And how.

Miss Spirit dreams of new tastes, and colours, swirling Energies and Old Ways in New Worlds.  

Or New Worlds not yet discovered.

They need each other like Night breathes Day.

The Moon whispers to the Sun.

The Earth craves the Rain.

Wishing you much awesomeness

Witchy kisses

T and Spirit