30 Sec's on....



You know, I absolutely love Pandas.

Actually, I bloody adore baby Pandas.



Oh, c'mon, aren't they just the most gorgeous thing in the Universe?

So, now that we both agree how adorable they are, let's look at some totally random facts...

1) Pandas are born fur-less, pink and blind.

They do not turn black and white until they are 3 weeks old.

2) Pandas appeal to  our "Cuteness Receptors" because they have front facing eyes and are extremely furry.

I  kidd you not, this is a real thing, an actual Scientific study was done.

3) Panda's spend their days, eating and napping.

That's all day, in case you were wondering.

4) Pandas are an endangered species.

Not surprising, as there is only a one day window of opportunity a year, for them to conceive.

5) Adult Pandas range in size from 45 kgs to 150 kgs and eat up to 38 kgs of bamboo per day.

However, they do have a particular fondness for bamboo shoots.

6) A Panda can poop out 28 kgs per day.

That's a lot of poop.

7) We think that Pandas only eat bamboo, but that is not true.

They eat fruit, and can also eat meat.

Pandas don't normally eat meat though, even though they have the teeth and the stomach for it, because they are so lazy. 

They won't chase meat, so unless it literally falls into their lap, they never eat it.

Whoooooooooooo....that's lazy.

And last, but not least,

8) Pandas are normally born in August.

The things you didn't realize you didn't know, eh?



Happy bloody Monday, baby!

Wishing you much awesomeness

T and Spirit