30 Sec's on....



You know, I hate Death.  

I really do.

Peeps think because of the work I do, that somehow it makes it easier. 

It does.  And it doesn't.

It does, because I understand the Second Realm, Energy, timing and the free choice that we all own.

And it doesn't, because I have to respect that choice, and my human heart grieves.

also hear Death before he comes.

Which is doubly suckful. 

It's like I turn around, and there he is standing in my kitchen, Hey Tania...

Anyway, one of my most treasured mates, the one who's just passed, and I, had an awesome relationship.   There were decades between us, yet we would have these really random conversations, that would go from literally nothing to: 

You know it's Poverty Thinking right?

Silence, while she sat there, rolled a smoke, then lit it.

They're rich.

Yeah, I know. Super rich. But they think like a poor person.  Richness is about the tapestry you weave in your life.  With your thoughts, but more importantly, your actions.  The kindness in the words you speak, the generosity of your actions in the days that you live.


I remember when...


Did I ever tell you...

or sometimes,

OMFG, I hear what you're saying but WTF...seriously...

He's gone to the dark side.

Sometimes it was just short and sweet,

I know him, you stay the hell away.

You're not listening to me...

You've got him wrong, he's a good man. He knows his own mind and won't be swayed by other people.

Now is not then.

We packed a lot of stuff into what only worked out to be a few years, and I constantly heard her say, I wish I had met you years ago...

And I always said that I couldn't get here one day earlier.

Which was true.

I came when I could, she left when she needed, and in between we found our way.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit