30 Sec's on....



So whatcha doin' right now?

Well, for me, I'll tell you what I'm not doing.  

I'm not binge eating chocolate, although to be fair, I haven't stopped my normal daily intake. 

But I have started talking to the super hot guy on Les Mills on Demand again while I sweat away in my living room...and I've made space for new ideas and creativity to flow.

I've also make a conscious effort to tune into Source twice a day.  

So how does that work?

I make space in my life to consciously check in to my place in the world.  

To let ideas flow, and to keep communication open with Spirit.

To keep visualizing my life and how I see it.  Not in the "In a perfect world this is what I would do, live and love..." but literally, I spend time seeing my life, as I create my tapesty.

I also consistently check in with my son, friends, Spirit and horses on a practical and right here, right now basis, and I choose to be present.

Actually, that's wrong, I mean, I commit to being present.

And when I have extra free time, like we all have at the moment, I commit more to these daily rituals.

Strength.  Vulnerability.

My tapestry gets stronger.

My depth of life gets richer.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit