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Ok, so the new thing we have at the moment is micro-cheating.

I know, right?  What the hell is that when it's at home?

Good question, 99!

Well, let us look at what micro cheating is, and how it can, and most definitely will, impact your relationship.

1) Flirting.

Well, I don't know about you, but flirting has been alive and well since the dinasaurs.  However, it does not mean that your partner will find the nearest closest to have a sexual rendezvous. 

In the original sense it was made, it's harmless.

2) Dressing differently when going to meet someone.

I'll give that one a half cookie.  

If your partner is dressing to impress someone who is not you that's a red flag, because why is your guy or girl dressing all daggy for you?  

And when did your guy or girl start thinking that was ok?

3) Texting or chatting online to an attractive person who is not you.

OMFG.  If you are that insecure you need to go talk to someone.  If they are hiding their phone, texting them at 10pm at night or suddendly being secret squirrel yes, that's a red flag, but just because someone is attractive? 

No.  Jezus.  

4) Socialising, or having lunch, with an attractive co-worker.

I love this one!  This says a lot for your relationship.  If anyone who is more attractive than you makes you all squeamish, you need to go to the gym, lose weight, get a new hair cut or colour, and/or do botox, filler or collagen. 

It is not up to other women to be less attractive.  It's up to you to be on your game.

5) Liking and positively commenting on an attractive co-workers Social Media.


I don't know where to start with this one.  Wait...

Get a life.  Seriously.  Get.  A.  Life.

And that my little Angel is the short 101 version of how to decide whether your partner is micro cheating or as I like to put it...

How to be less empowered, more entitled AND kill your relationship in 5 quick easy steps.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit