30 Sec's on....



I think some random person, that I have never, ever met, roughly 13,848 km's away, is eating my baking.

No, seriously, I do.

Let me tell you why:

The young one loves to bake.  He also loves to eat my baking.  So far all good.

And one of our favourite foods ever, is Brownies.

Beecause I make bloody awesome ones.

In fact, I have been known, after hearing someone was coming up from the South Island to come stay with us (by the way he's arriving in about 40ish minutes) to go immediately into the kitchen, make a ginormus chocolate brownie, smother it in whipped cream and berries and have it waiting as a communal dessert, sitting on the deck, on a late summers afternoon, after bbq-ing with beverages.

That's pretty damn good.

Anyhou, America's chocolate is not like ours.  Read into that, it doesn't taste like our chocolate here at home.  So making brownies over there, wasn't giving the young one a great end result.

So being a Mumma, and realizing that under no circumstances could I get home baking over, (No! That's No! Bad person for even thinking that!), I decided to think outside the square and send him every ingredient, including utensils ie: wooden spoon, baking tray, measuring cups, chocolate, cocoa etc in one big box.  

Complete with hand written Mumma instructions.

Unfortunately, something exploded while travelling, and what turned up was one big, soggy, sticky and clumpy, mess.

Nothing eatable, was salvagable.

Back to the drawing board.

So, working backwards of what he could buy over there which tasted the same, we locked out flour, baking powder, sugar - both white and soft brown, oats and I re-sent the rest.  Which worked out to be chocolate, chocolate bits, cocoa powder and Golden Syrup.

Of which I sent in separate bubble wrap envelopes.

Package 1 - sent over nearly 2 months ago.  Average every day eating chocolate to make up for the disappointment of exploding box.  Never arrived.

Package 2 - sent just shy of 2 months ago.  More chocolate for Brownies, and the recipes that make the magick happen.  Never arrived.

Package 3 - sent same day as package 2.  Cocoa powder and a block of his favorite chocolate and hundreds and thousands biscuits.  Never arrived.

Package 4 - sent 6 weeks ago.  Golden Syrup.  Now to be fair, we think this was the culprit who had started the box exploding.  Something about tin cans and high altitudes...

Anyway, I hunted high and low and eventually found a 4 litre plastic bottle of it.  They sent it to me in a nicely packaged box, and I immediately sent it on.  I hope they didn't put anything else in the box, because the nice peeps at Border Control might not be too happy with them.

Again, missing in action.

Some damn bugger over there, is eating our bloody chocolate, and baking my recipes.

With the damn chocolate.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit