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So the latest craze in Crystals is...Moldavite.

First off, I love that there is even a craze with Crystals. 

Oh c'mon, it's kind of funny that now they are "super crazy in", because the first Crystal was discovered over 4 billion years ago, in the Barberton Mountains of South Africa.

I know, right?

Billions of years ago.  That's kind of mindblowing.

So, let's check out Moldavite.

Moldavite is known as the Transformation Crystal.  

First off, because it is a Tektite. 

This means that it is a gravel sized body, formed from celestrial debris, ejected during meteorites impacts. 

In layman's terms, ie: you and me, it means, A unique type of natural glass formed, when an ancient meterorite hits Earth.

It is also said, that a genuine Moldavite comes from Czechoslovakia (The Czech Republic), but it goes even further than that:  

The Moldau River in the Czech Republic, is supposedly the only place in the world, where a genuine Moldavite is found.

The Old Ones speak about a huge meteorite crashing into this mountainous region, 15 million years ago, creating an explosion, which they say was heard all around the world. 

This could be true because the raw stones, which are green, often have a darkness within them - a black, green, brown and/or gray matter. These colours are believed to be a combination of meteriotic matter and material from the area when it hit.  

Some Scientists also believe that Moldavite had extra-terrestial origins.  I would love to believe this, but this has never been Scientifically confirmed.

But anyway, because of it's beginnings, it has made itself a bit of a super star Diva and because of this, has also been given another name, The Holy Grail stone.

This is not just because of how it came to be, but because of its high Spiritual vibration, which activates coincidence and synchronicity in your life.  Leading you onto your Destiny's Path, while encouraging you to engage in giving and receiving messages, to and from, Spirit.

In fact, it is said to powerfully and completely, transform your life.  

Like The Holy Grail.

So that's all the goss on the Moldavites.  

Whether you believe aliens were part of how the Moldavites were made or not, they are fantastic Crystals. 

Allowing you to lift the veil between the two worlds, walk with Spirit, and find wisdom to heal your life, your body and your heart. 

To not just dream, but physically create, then step into, the life you desire.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit