30 Sec's on....



I read a great article the other day and it went like this, It's not that women don't want sex, it's they don't want it with you.

I laughed.

I'm so sorry, I did.  Because it's so damn true.

Women need an emotional connection. 

Wait...before you start pinging me, telling me that I'm wrong, I need to clarify this:

I agree with you in theory, there are exceptions to this rule: Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Jack Nicholson (I know, not an obvious choice, but never underestimate the attraction of a bad boy womaniser) and of course, Robert Redford, Sean Connery, and Clint Eastwood in their younger days...

Anyhou, moving right along...this article states that if we don't get any compliments, help around the house, romance, sexy talk (not including, Do you want to come over and fuck?) we're not that interested.  

I could of told you that.

Because my personal pet peeve, is when a guy doesn't listen. 

I'll say something, and they will ramrod over whatever I have said, often misinterpret it, and then make a joke.

And I literally feel my womb retract.

Because, and forgive me for being obvious here, but if a man doesn't listen to me outside the bedroom, there is no chance he's going to listen inside it.

And do I really want that?

Do I really want to have to spell it out in big, capital, neon letters what I want, need and desire in the bedroom?


Apparently, after reading this article, there are a whole heap of women who also think like me.

And a billion dollar sex toy industry to prove it.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit