30 Sec's on....



I think I am, Miss Bad Attitude chick.

No really, I do.  Let me tell you why...


Hello!  **** Couriers.  How can I help?

Hi, my name is Tania, and I was sent an overnight package.  2 Days  ago.  I'd like to know where it is?

Certainly.  Oh...it looks like it is at the depot...

Correct.  It is.  From two days ago.  Would you like to know how I know this?  It was couriered from 57 minutes away.  Picked up, delivered to your depot and has sat there ever since.  I can prove this because it says on the tracking.

Oh, yes, right.  Well, overnight doesn't actually mean that.  It's just a guess.

Excellent.  I wish you had told us that before we paid.  Can I have a refund please?

Silence while the lovely lady ponders this.

I've just checked and ummmm, sorry, no.

Why not?

Well, we try, but sometimes it just doesn't happen for certain reasons.  

Which are?

I'm sorry, I'm not at liberty to say.

It.  Was.  57.  Minutes.  Away.

Yes, I understand, let me send them an email and see what they reply with.

Why can't you call them?  I'll wait.

They don't have a phone.

They don't have a phone, or they don't anwer it?

Continuing as if I hadn't spoken, But they promise to reply within 2 to 4 hours.

But it's now 4.45pm!  The bloody package was picked up 2 days ago, from 57 minutes away AND I was charged extra for a quick delivery.

Well, yes...

In the end I just hung up.

But it works out between 4.45 that night and 8.30 the following morning, my parcel changed locations twice, travelled 20 minutes and was sitting in my letterbox before I had finished breakfast.

Maybe I'm not, Miss Bad Attitude chick but rather, Miss Taking Care of Business.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit