30 Sec's on....



This Spirit Energy is just blowing my mind - doubly so, since our Ancestors have come out to play, too.

I mean, you've heard me talk about this alot over the past few months, that this Energy was big and heavy and hard. 

It is. 

And it's getting worse. 

To be fair though, that's no surprise, Spirit are really unhappy right now.

Because of these last 14 months.  

Spirit had originally hoped that this previous year was going to be a reset.  A time for us to get back on track and to start valuing the right kind of things again.  

That we were going to become stronger, leaner, clearer, more courageous, loving and loved.  More abundant in thoughts, words and actions towards others.  To step out of limitations and become strong...in all areas. 

To focus less on self and, What's in it for me, me, me, me, money, money, money...and more, How can I be my best person?

And Spirit watched us fail.

We, as a collective when things got tough and unknown, became lesser, smaller minded, petty, meaner and scared.

We bullied more, had less tolerance for anyone who wasn't the same as us, and then no tolerance.

We whinged, got fat, became entitled, then more entitled.

And Spirit watched in horror.

Where was the courage?  The bravery?  The abundance towards others?

What little there was to start with, flew out the door so quick it left smoke.

I know that for me, and my industry, we saw people fall apart and as much as I can't speak for other Readers, for me, I watched people make decisions that were heartbreaking.  

Saw people cut other people completely out of their lives, without any hesitation or a single look back.

Listened as people verbalized things that should never even have crossed their mind.  

Stood and watched as people lost their Moral Compass.

Then justified it, as if it was always going to be this way.

And I've watched more than one person, make a decision that has taken my breath away.  


Spirit and our Ancestors are around us so much again, because they love us.

They're heartbroken.

And ashamed.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit