30 Sec's on....



And your babe is on fire at the moment!


Exellent question 99!

Because this whole dehydrator lark of mine, is finally paying off.

Now if you remember, I acquired this quirky little gizmo almost a year ago.  With high hopes.

And failed dismally.

They were too burnt, or not dried enough, not sweet enough, not fat enough, not...well, you get the gist.  

So after trying just about every fruit in the Universe, and on an aside, commercial banana chips are slathered in coconut oil and banana flavouring, which make them both hard and delicious, I refused to use it and sulked.

It just sat there on the bench and periodically I would glance at it, and *sigh*.

Then in one of those random moments, I got talking wiith a girl I know well in a shop that I frequent a lot. Who, it works out, loves dehydrating. 

And I am now the proud owner of crisp sweet apples chips, tart cinnamon apple slices, the most delicious pineapple rings and chewy and OMG amazing, nashi.

All because of one random conversation, a mandoline slicer and a deep streak of, This will not defeat me.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit