30 Sec's on....



So I had the oddest conversation today with one of my young peeps, and it went like this:

Hey babe, how you doing?


I'm ok...You already know how I'm doing, right?

Well, yes, yes, I do. Ok then, well, tell me something new.

Nothing...then she just looked at me sadly, You already know what's really going on with me. 

This was such a loaded question, and had minefields for Africa scattered all round the place.

Yes, hunny, I do.

And then I'm just standing here, lost, because I can't speak about things, unless you speak to me first. 

And there she is standing there, and then like a light going on, she just gave me this huge grin, You're trying really hard to be normal right now, aren't you?

And I laughed. Because it was so damn random.

Yes!  I so am!

And then we were all good.  The words were flowing, maybe not the ones she needed, but the ones she needed right now, at that exact moment.

But later on I thought about this, and realized that you have no idea how hard conversations are for me.  You're standing there, and I'm being bombarded with information - Energy, emotions, tastes and colours, your hopes, dreams and hurts, your insecurities and failures - either real or perceived, your strengths and desires...but also, the things you fear most. 

These are what I see around you first. 

Then you give me words.

Wishing you much awesomeness.

T and Spirit