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So how do you feel about this new law that just got passed, about our children having a safe place to get their illegal drugs checked?

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm in two minds.

Let me tell you why:

Many years ago, back when my son was a pre-teen, I knew a lovely family and they had this gorgeous daughter.  That's literally, by the way, she was modelling at 9 and won the Beauty Pagents she entered.  She was attractive, funny, popular and successful.

The family were also seriously well-off.  They lived in an amazing home, had fantastic cars, a launch, the most gorgeous beach house and multiple businesses.  To all intents and purposes, they lived the perfect life.

Until their daughter turned 14.

Wrong place, wrong friends, wrong choice.

She got drug induced Schizophrenia. 

And our conversations went from, the guy she was dating and what she was doing that weekend, to her telling me about the demons that come crawling out of the walls, and the voices that whisper in her ear to kill someone.

She will never be able to live by herself, get married, have babies or have a fantastic job.  The life that showed so much promise, ended at 14, with dust and ashes.

So, on one hand, I am happy that these so-called social drugs are being tested, but I remember my friend, and feel weird.

But what makes me really angry, is that one of the big Festivals that we've just had, after all this hoop-la, didn't even have this safe place.

So what I found myself dealing with in the first few days of this year, was the results of peeps taking Mollies, that had been spiked with Angel Dust, causing hallucinations.  

Mollies, or it's other common name, MDMA, is the new and improved form of Esctasy.  

The new "In" thing that our kids are doing.  

But there's a difference.

The coming down off a Molly is so bad, I've actually had kids sitting at my table crying, wanting to commit suicide.  

And this is happening because Mollies deplete your serotonin levels.  Once may be ok.  Even twice.  But depending on your own personal chemical DNA and how much serotonin you have already, decides if, or more to the point, how soon, you become depressed.

And that's saying they're not cut.  Like this batch was. 

I live with the, Could I have done more... for my lost friend, but like her parents, I can't go back, there are no re-do's.  

But what I can do is talk, until I don't have a voice anymore. 

Has your child changed recently?

Are they not spending as much time, or any, with the people that they used to?

Did that hangover or "really bad flu" seem just a little bit suss to you?

If any of those questions give you caterpillars walking up your spine, you need to go and speak with your child. 

The one that is too smart, too nice, too popular, and too put together to do drugs.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit