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So, it's that time of year, when I look at what the year ahead is going to bring.  

But I was hesitant to write about it today.

Not because I don't know what I'm talking about, but because of the way this year has gone.  It's like it's been split in two.

No, not because the virus happened, but because of the:

It's going to kill us all vs FFS it's a flu.  

And then we had Trump.

So you can understand my desire to just gloss over things.

But ultimately, I couldn't help myself, and found myself sifting through last years blogs, trying to find out what I had actually said about this year.

And it went like this:

Well, it's a Metal Rat year and contrary to popular myths about rats, it has the potential to be super fantastic!

First off, it is the start of a new 60 year cycle.

I know!  How freaking awesome is that?

Which means that this year is a completion year.  A finalization if you will, of everything that you don't wish to continue forward with.  A laying to bed of old ghosts and generally a time of sowing seeds of what you do want moving forward.

Ok, to be fair, I didn't expect it to happen in the way that it did, but boy, was that accurate.

Anyhow, before I move forward into next year, let's re-cap the positive and negatives of this one:

Well, first off, it's been a really scary time for those that have underlying health conditions (including, or maybe expecially) obesity and those who are older.  But on a positive note, this year has shown up our Health System for the deep flaws that it has. 

That the bones of our Health System, is not strong.  

However, we now have a clearer plan, of what we need to do to move forward.  What did work and what needs mucho improvement.

An unusal side effect during this, Fight the Pandemic time though, was our housing market boomed.

Expontentially so.

Against all odds.

It's also been extremely interesting in business.

Some small businesses struggled, changed, then thrived.  Some failed, through no fault of their own, while other corporate companies like KFC and McDonalds, had millions injected into their economy and were given new User friendly to us rules. 

Rules that didn't apply to anybody else.

That was cringe worthy to watch, and heartbreaking to see.

The Tourism industry got shafted.

But they changerd real quick, and got with the program.  Because of that, they're still standing. 

In a different way, certainly.  But standing.

That was super impressive to watch.

Unfortunately, Hospitality have been their own worst enemy.

Not everyone, but a fair whack, have sat back and cried, Poor me! while giving substandard food, shoddy service and doing unbelievable price gouging. 

This was the industry that overall, didn't take the ball and run with it. 

That was disappointing to see.

So it has been a huge year of endings and new beginnings.  

And we can blame it all on that virus.

Or the Governments help or lack there of, Trump, and even little green aliens.

Ultimately though, whether we have survived and thrived this year or not, it's been down to us personally.  

Now before you send me nasty ass emails, texts or evil carrier pigeons of doom, I need you to understand, we could not go on the way we were. 

We have the highest rate of suicide in the world, and we're almost at the top with obesity - yet nothing is being done about this.  We are still eating food which harms our physical body, upsets our mental health and is detrimental to our soul well being.  

That is hurting us on every level that is important, right down into our cellular DNA.

We've also gone from meditating to align with a Higher Power, to worshipping at the altar of money. Disrespecting anything that doesn't have a price tag attached. 

We've fallen into not just wanting to Be the Jones's but King and Queen of ALL the Jones's.  We are so into money and how it defines us, that we've lost the soul of who we are.  

And if you don't believe me, go check out your local mall this weekend.  It's packed with peeps.

And we still don't have it right.

We talk of vaccines and band aids, but not metabolic-hormonal imbalances and how to regulate them. 

We talk of fixing sickness, rather than teaching how to be strong.  

We pass Bills to end life, but not how to love life.

And this needs to change.

For me, persoanlly though, this is how I will remember 2020:

No one left the year, the same way they went in.  

It was a game changer.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit


Ran out of bloody space re 2021.  Will have it for you next week.