30 Sec's on....



I am the Queen of Good Ideas.

No seriously, Random, quirky and not for the faint hearted ideas girl, that's me.

And they always come out of the blue.

Which is what happened on Sunday.

So this particular bright one came about because I had my yearly thought of, Maybe I should join a gym.

Now this doesn't work for me for a couple of reasons:

a) I get bored.  Bored is not good for me.

b) I put on weight.  No, not put on muscle that weighs more than fat, actual weight.  

And I have 8 previous gym memberships at different gyms to prove this.  Apparently, it had something to do with too high cortisol, steriod or testosterone levels.  To be honest, I tune out of conversations at the exact moment someone starts explaining why what they are charging me for isn't working, so I can't tell you the exact phrase used, but it was something like that. 

Anyhou, the memory of those times still sit in my DNA.

So, thinking outside the square I looked at running.

No.  Not only do I look like a broken duck on speed but I just can't see the point.  I mean, seriously, is there a horse at the end?  A nice candle light, romantic dinner by the lake? 


Just sweat.  And if I'm really lucky, I get to turn round and see the same sight twice. 

I looked at walking, but that was just a slowed down version of running.  And if I stopped for ice cream, it kind of defeated the whole purpose.

What to do, what to do...

Then I thought about getting some weights which I could do while watching tv.  

That sounded like a plan, so I got in my car and headed off to Rebel Sports.

They didn't have any.  I kidd you not, they were still out of stock from 3 months ago.  How that is even possible I have no idea, anyhow, moving right along, I decided since I was in there, I would have a wander.  Well, it was a bit of an experience since I never go there.  So there I was looking at tennis rackets, cricket balls, basketballs - wait...I love basketball. 

That was almost a plan, but all the basketball hoopy things needed to be put together, so I kind of sidelined them knowing that instructions and I do not work well together.  Actually, it would still be in pieces this time next year.  So I kept walking around and found the tennis ball on a stick type thingy you put in the ground and a hula hoop.

Whooooooo!! That might keep me amused for a while. 

So, happy with my purchases, I headed to the counter to pay.

While I was chatting to the sales girl, I realized that the hula hoop was quite large, and maybe I needed a smaller one.  So I popped back to see if there was one there and Hello! what is standing right next to the hula hoops?  One fully made up, big sized basketball hoop/net/stand all ready to go.  And it was on sale, the last one, and because it was the shop demo, they would also discount it to me again.

So back to the counter to unbuy what I had already bought, and to buy my new basketball set.  Held up queue again, while I went and found an appropriate basketball.  I did not know there were so many to choose from.

Anyway, lovely sales lady trolleyed basketball hoop/net/stand out to ute, we put it on the back with a fair whack of it hanging out the back, and then I drove off.

500 metres.

Before I realized that a) I should have tied it because it was noticeably hanging off the edge of my ute and b) throwing itself round from side to side in a quite scary manner when I went round a corner.

I had nothing to tie it with, so I did a dodgy job with some plastic and crawled home, holding up traffic.  In the end there was a huge line behind me but you know, it's a very cool basketball hoop and I didn't want it damaged falling off the back.

Got home and it's awesome!  I've been having the best fun with it. 

Best. Buy.  Ever.  And I'm so pleased I bought it.

Hula hoop faulty.  Won't hula.

Wishinng you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit