30 Sec's on....



I love this time of the year!

No, not because of black cats and flying witches, althought to be fair, they are pretty cool.  No, it's because the veil between this world and the Spirit one is so thin.

Like gossamer thread thin.

Which means, in laymen's terms, that you are literally tripping over your Spirit people.  

And not just your own.  Every Spirit - both good and not so much, are around in abundance.

In fact, there are so many Spirit around, that it is like visitng a mall.  They're freaking everywhere.

I like to think of this as the time of the year when everyone gets to catch up with loved ones though.

To physically check in and see how we're all doing.  Whether we wrote that book, or climbed that mountain (obviously not this bloody year) or found our soulmate.  

And I like to think that they stand next to us, and smell us.  That particular scent that we all own which calls our soul people home.

I truly believe that Spirit miss that.

But it can also be damn scary.

Because the veil between the two worlds is too thin, which means that you and I are journeying into the Underworld.

And we all know what lurks in the dark.

But we also know what comes after the darkness.  Once we have swum the depths and conquered the cliffs.  

However, it's that bloody dodgy bit inbetween that causes the trouble.   

That true darkness, where we are lost and floundering.  Where we can't see our way forward, and the past has lost anchor to us.  

That's the not so good part.

But during this time, you will feel a hand stroking your cheek just before you wake, or see a shadow cross your path.  And you will hear them call your name.

And the coolest thing in the Universe?

You will feel that bump in your soul, when they whisper to you that things are about to get amazing.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit