30 Sec's on....



I don't know about you, but somehow I've channelled my inner Mother Earth Goddess into a Rock Gold Diva.

I know, how truly bizarre.

But you know, one minute there I was just doing my life, and the next minute I am literally surrounded by jars and fruit and vegetables, and the most delicious smells are coming out of my kitchen.

Apples with lashings of cinnamon, sweet juicy pineapples, the delicous winter snow pears and...well, ok so there might have been just a few teensy hiccups like burnt garlic chickpeas or flayed to a blackened crisp cauliflower but you know, overall I have been a rockstar.  

But I'm giving you the wrong impression.  I'm letting you think that I am perfect in how everything is turning out.  That all these delicious little morsels are well, a bite size piece of excellence, and that is as far away from the truth as it could possibly be.  

However, that doesn't make this fabulousness any less.

Because I love being able to walk through my home touching smells.  There is a special kind of alchemy that starts to happen.

The smells translate to colours.

Colours go to words, and float freely in the air.

The words bring the whisper of Spirit.

And magick's real.

Boom, baby.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit