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There's been some firey conversations this past week about Male, Female, Gay, Straight and Gender Fluidity.

And a big part of this has been about how there are so many new words, to describe any kind of relationship you wish to be in.

That how the words: gay, straight, bisexual, male, female, transexual and transgender, are so limiting these days.

So, jelly baby, let's go on a word discovery journey:

Agender - Is used to describe a person who does not consider that they belong to a particular gender.

Allosexual - A person who regularly experiences sexual attraction/desire for others. 

Androgyne or Androgynous - Refers to a person who does not fit neatly into one of the typical masculine or feminine gender roles, or to a person whose gender is a mixture of male and female, however, not necessarily half-and-half.

Androsexual and/or Androphilic - Individuals who experience sexual attraction toward men, males, and/or masculinity, regardless of whether they were assigned male at birth.

Aromantic - Someone who does not experience romantic attraction.

Asexual - A person who does not experience sexual attraction.  Asexual people do have romantic relationships, they just don't include sexual activity.

Bigender - A person whose sense of personal identity encompasses two genders.

Cis or Cisgender - Is a term for people whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

Demiromantic - People who do not experience romantic attraction until a strong emotional or sexual connection is formed with a partner.

Demisexual - People on the asexual spectrum who do experience some sexual attraction, but only in certain situations, like after they’ve formed a strong emotional or romantic connection with a partner.

FTM or MTFShort for a person who has gone from Female to Male or Male to Female.

Gender Fluid - Relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender.

Gender Nonconforming or Gender Variant - Exhibiting behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits that do not correspond with the traits typically associated with one's sex.

Genderqueer - Relating to a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions, but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders.

Gender Questioning - The questioning of one's sexual orientation, sexual identity and gender.

Gynesexual/gynephilic - Being primarily sexually, aesthetically, and/or romantically attracted to femininity and the female anatomy, regardless of whether the object of one's affection identifies as a woman.

Intersex - Individuals born with any of several variations in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones or genitals that, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, "Do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies".

Neutrois - Non or null gender.  People who have chosen to be neither Male or Female.  

Non-binary - People who are not exclusively Male or Female.

Pansexual (or just Pan) A person who falls in love with the soul of a person on a romantic or emotional basis.  The actual sex gender of a person is not important.

Polyamorous Describes people who have consensual relationships that involve multiple partners. Polyamorous people talk openly with their partners about having or having the desire, to have sexual and/or emotional relationships with multiple people, and set ground rules for their relationships. Polyamorous people can be in relationships with monogamous (people who only have one relationship with one person at a time) people.

Sapiosexual - Someone who is sexually attracted to the brain, conversations, stories and intellect, before a sexual attraction can happen.

Skoliosexual Being primarily sexually, romantically, and/or aesthetically attracted to genderqueer, transgender, and/or non-binary people.

Two-Spirit - Is the third gender.  Birth-assigned men or women taking on the identities and roles of the opposite sex.


That starts to get a little mind blowing when you think about it.  But it's also kind of cool.

I love that people, and especially our young ones, are claiming their lives and living outside, what used to be, pre-conceived limitations, of Male or Female.  

That's freaking awesomeness!

So, taking a leaf out of our young one's book, Do I classify myself as a die hard, hetrosexual woman?

Hell, no!

I am a Sapiosexual, Pan, Cisgender Androphilic woman.

Which, if you take out all the fancy ants words, is what I have always said.

I fall in love with the brain, then the soul, and prefer men.

Yeah, baby.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit