30 Sec's on....



Now I don't know about you, but unless someone brings it to my attention, I forget I have quirks.

You know what I'm talking about, those things which make you, and me, unique and cool.

Well, this got brought home to me again today, when I went to buy a hoodie.

Now before I go any further, you will never, ever have seen me wear a hoodie.

Or jumper.

Or cardigan.

However, you will have seen me twenty million times, in 20 million different kinds of quirky, fantastical, fabulous and amazeball jackets.

And the reason for this is simple...

I cannot, that is absolutely cannot bear the touch of wool, fleece, polyester and/or any type of long sleeve, non-silky linning.  I rash and sweat and itch and it drives me insane.  

The same with sheets, towels and pj's.  I only use certain brands and textures, and I always sleep naked.

But anyway, I digress, this is why you always see me in short sleeves and jackets.  Fluffy, fake fur, leather, suede and/or any other kind, but a jacket never-the-less.

This is my normal.

Anyway, I needed to have a long sleeve hoodie for tonight.  I had hunted round the young one's wardrobe earlier, to see if he had anything I could snaffle but...

a) There was nothing I could immediately get my hands on.

b) He would have gone batshite crazy if he had found me doing it and 

c) I still rash, sweat or itch.  

So I headed off to the local shop hoping since the last time I had tried, there had been new and innovative materials that might work.

And ran into my first issue...

I had to pass the jackets.

Now overall, I hate shopping.  It's not fun.  I do not like to window shop, but I also don't like to shop to spend.  I'm just not that chick.  Malls are not my go to place.

But I'm a sucker for a jacket (new or used, I don't care), and a great pair of boots.  

So I focussed on the path towards the hoodies, and tried not to look sideways at the jackets.

One...two...bugger.  A super cool caramel coloured all weather terrain puffer jacket caught my eye.  Oooooohhhh...that would be good for all the rain.  I tried it on.  It fitted like the super-snuggliest-bug-in-a-rug-never-be-cold-in-this-jacket jacket.  I tucked it under my arm, and continued through to the hoodie section.

Then I saw the most fabulous, mid thigh, fur jacket.  I reached out to touch it as I passed, and OMFG it was like stroking a silky mountain lion.  


But somehow my brain must have taken too long to get the message, because next thing I know, I'm inside this jacket and Hells bells and holy water, it feels divine and looks smokin' hot.

So now I have two jackets under my arm as I go hoodie surfing.

I'm at the hoodie isle.  I'm feeling around and to be honest, I'm not getting the vibe.  It just ain't happening for me.  But no, I came in for a hoodie, and I was going to get one come hell or high water.  

Tried one on.  I felt sad.  Then itchy.  Then I looked at the price tag.

And I'm over rover it, baby.

I know that it's never going to happen.

We have quirks for a reason, baby, they make us fabulous.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit