30 Sec's on....



Hi, I'm your courier, and I'm just ringing because I have a package for you. Unfortunately, we are running three to four weeks behind, so wondered whether you would like to come to the depot and pick it up? It's only a small package.  We think someone has sent you chocolates.

You know what I'm loving about this Energy?

It's so big.

You know what I'm not loving about this Energy?

It's so big.

Let me explain:  I'm literally watching people swim into the depths of what they honestly believe, to be the Truth of their life.

And it's both awesome in it's abundance, and terrifying.

Fantastic, when I see people choosing opportunities, finding golden doors and stepping forward into a new arena.  However, in some aspects, it's frightening to see people lay down so easily and quietly.  To almost welcome in a doom and gloom Energy.  As if somehow that is a reward for them not to achieve.  A medal of honour that, but it's not just me, everyone's failing.

Honestly, that hurts my soul.

This is a time of freedom though.  I mean, you've heard me say a million times, Let things fall apart, so they can fall together.  Well, this is what I'm talking about.  

Challenges are supposed to well, challenge you.  You are supposed to become stronger, better, happier (eventually), re-ground yourself and find your passion.  Check that your foundations are good and strong and well, do you, but better.

So there is a shadow which walks over my soul, when I hear of violence and police visits, suicides and loss.  Abuse, trolls and/or haters, and there is something seriously creepy, when I get a text or email which gladly and proudly states: My life is shite and there is NO money.  You were wrong.  And then I'm sent a smiley face.

But does that all disappear, when I hear of someone stepping forward and doing amazing, having some fantastic opportunities presented to them, and living a life well, pretty amazeballs?

Yes and no.

Yes, it makes me feel fantastic, but...

Life is for living and to be fair, it's for the brave of heart.  Not the biggest car, or the most expensive house.  It's not even about the money.  

It's about your heart.

The one that beats in time to your soul, and whispers the words, I can...

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit


That was a Hell, no! in case you were wondering.