30 Sec's on....



Well, well, well eh?  

What an interesting almost month it has been.

Now before I get to the interesting bits, someone said to me, 24 hours before lock down started, You know, the person you are now, is not going to be the same person you will be at the end of this.

It was a bit freaky because it was so random.

However, I took it on board because in a way, I agreed. Well, sort of.

I understand that if you take away someone's freedom, choice and ability to do what they want, when they wish and with whomever they desire, then it is going to get a bit challenging.

I also know that the first thing you will head towards is chocolate, chips, fizzy drinks and alcohol.  Well, why not, it's almost like a holiday.  

However, there's no sun, ocean, white sandy beaches, relaxing with a good book or chillaxing with a cold glass of Pinot Gris with your favourite partner in crime.

No, no.  

So I hit the lock down with one goal, Work harder, eat better.  That's harder at exercise, in case you were wondering.  Every meal was nutrient dense and I counted calories like you would not believe.  There was no swimming in chocolate and raining carbs in this household, baby.  I stopped baking and wait...actually, I had one really bright idea which worked out not so smart.  I decided to learn how to make fresh, home made pasta.  This was great in theory, but shite in reality.  

I made spaghetti with olive oil and garlic day one,  second day was fettuccine with burnt butter and sage sauce, which was just delicious.  Then I went, Wait...

Anyhou, moving right along, I also fell back into my belief system.  My soul system.  Which was super interesting, because there was no noise to interrrupt.  There was just Spirit, me, horses and our Book of Life.  You know that book that lives under your bed, and is what you truly, absolutely believe in, when the shite hits the fan.

Well, that's how I filled my days, with horses and foals, herbs, Clair-sensoring (that was so much fun!) and my Book of Life.

And I've come out ok.

I have heaps of new plants/trees coming - apple, macadamia nut, lemon, peach, avocado, garlic, figs... because these are things that I actually use.  A lot.  And I'm thinking about getting chickens.  I eat a lot of eggs, if you need a quick meal with all the vitamins and minerals, then have an egg.  It's eggceptional.  Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Actually, now we're talking about it, I've heard they bring rats, and I don't know the first thing about chickens.  So this theory vs reality might need a little tweaking.

It's also been funny to watch businesses that have been able to work, and how they've acted towards their clients.  Some have really stepped up and been fantastic and some have been well, you know...

The awesomeness was realizing my belief system is strong, that it stands tall and vibrant when it is called.  That was super cool to know.

I also realized that some things I can negotiate on, but there are others which are set in stone.  Things I literally can't change because these aspects of me, whether good or more of the stubborn-dog-bone kind, are woven into the tapestry of my DNA.  I've realized I'm fine with this.

Better than fine.

I absolutely, fantastically hope, you have been the same.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit