30 Sec's on....




I don't know about you, but I haven't been able to celebrate Easter in my normal, cruizy, fantastical, mountainloads of chocolate, hot cross buns, soul peeps and lots of magick, kind of way.

But while that is a little on the annoying side, it's had a really great side effect.

There's been lots of stories.

Now, I don't know whether I've mentioned this twenty million times before, but I love stories.

Yours, mine, it makes no difference.

I particularly love random, Well, I wasn't supposed to be there... ones, but you know, overall, I love every story.

But these ones lately have all had a witchy theme.  Going back to the old ways, things that can't be explained, ones that have a little Oooooooooohhhh...

So this particular story started with seeing aura's, tasting colours and touching souls.  

Are they separate?  Can you really see a soul? What if I can't taste a colour? What if the person moves before I've tuned in?

No, no, you're getting ahead of yourself, it doesn't work like that.  Settle yourself down, and let me tell you a story...

I'd been introduced to this person.  Now before I go any further, I'm introduced to a lot of people.  Most of the time before I've met a new person though, whatever peeps is doing the introducing, will tell me a little about said person. I don't take much notice unless this is something which I am a, Hell No! on.  

Which this was.  

I thanked the person for the heads up and everything went great.  

Met them a fair few times, but same thing happened, random not-nice stories beforehand. Once was fine, but this was starting to not fit right. So whereas I hadn't tuned into the Energy before, now I turned down the sound in the world, and turned up the volume of my witchy stick.  

The Energy was off the radar, crackly and static-y, the colours were dancing mamba to a waltz tune, and the smell was purple.

I got my hump on.

Now I didn't care whether the stories were true or not, what I cared about was that the Energy, stories and Truth had to be in alignment. They had to walk hand in hand, and no matter which way I looked at it, they just weren't.  

Not even close.

So I completely stopped. Stepped into the Stillness, and just watched.

Nothing happened.

I was like, C'mon baby, show me the shadow...  

But the Energy wouldn't give it up.  It stubbornly refused to speak it's secrets.  

And then it did.  

With no jungle drums or fanfare of any sort, on an ordinary kind of day, the planets aligned. And there was no ego or charm or charisma.  No being "on". Just the singular Energy, in it's simplest form, as the mask dropped.

And I went, Oh...



Then I saw the split that starts happening, just before the soul shows itself.

And that's where I messed up.

I'd been told 20 million times, in a thousand different ways, You can't see a soul in it's naked, magickal, purest form, and then walk away.  You jump into the Energy, get your information, then immediately jump out.  This is how the old ways work. You do not wait around for the split.

Because, and this right here, is the most important part...

Once you've seen that naked soul magick, you cannot un-see it.  It's rare, magickal and out of this world. But it's not the pure soul that walks this earth, it's the human part with human choices. 

I knew it then, I know it now, I've always known this Truth.

Jump in, jump out, done.

Yet when the mask dropped and the split started, instead of turning away...

I looked directly into the light.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart

T and Spirit