30 Sec's on....



You know this Silver Cord is doing my head in at the moment.

I mean, seriously, doing my head in.

And it goes like this, my DNA literally hurts.  That's the only way that I can describe it. It's like the whole of me is pulsating.  But not in a pleasant, Oh wow! kind of way. Rather think, Being chased through the woods, with a serial killer with a chainsaw behind you.

Nah, only kidding.

But all jokes aside, it's disturbing me enough to write about it, so let's talk about this Silver Cord.  

Well, first off, the theory goes that those we are soul connected with, are linked to us by this Silver Cord.  It is the link that psychically connects us to those we love and care about, in a physical way.  

It is our children, family, soul friends and of course, soul lovers.

And this Silver Cord vibrates when one of our soul peeps is tuning in.  Now this Silver Cord vibration has been going on and off over the last three months.


So I'd check in with the young one.  Nope, he was all good.  And then I'd tap into the rest of my soul peeps, and they were all happy and well.  Then I would be standing there saying to Spirit, No! No! No! I love my life and I've worked hard for it.  To have the peace that I've got, it's been hard won.  So don't you be throwing me any hot messes, I'm not interested.  

And then I'd walk away. Actually, now we're talking about this, I've walked away a lot over the last year or so. And it's worked. My life is hot-mess free which I'm super happy about.

But just before you go all judgey on me re physical soul connections, let me just say I need depth and substance and a little, you know, Je ne sais quoi. Hot messes are, and forgive me for saying this, cute for about 30 second's then I'm looking for the nearest door.  

But sometimes people surprise me, like a guy who in the midst of chaos is reading a book.  That's kind of hot.  But there's lots of different Je ne sais quoi's.  It literally means, Something which steps out of the box.  Different to the norm.

Anyway, moving right along, this Energy came in really hard a couple of weeks ago.  I re-checked with the young one and then everyone else, but everyone's good. Great even.

But this Silver Cord just ain't going away, baby.  

And my heart's starting to throb, like a jungle drum.  It's getting worse, not better. And I'm still not interested in any hot messes, situations not resolved or any "fixer uppers". But I'm starting to get that what I want vs what Spirit want, may not be the same thing.  

Yet I have no idea where this Energy is coming from.

I just know that it turned up and it ain't leaving.

I blame the horses though.

This frequency is clearer, louder, stronger and more in my face because of their love and what they've taught, and continue to, teach me. I just thought that I would be able to control how this frequency works.  

That, unfortunately, is becoming glaringly untrue. When you work on this frequency, you aren't able to pick and choose.  It's not a I want this, but I don't want that...kind of scenario.  

It's either on or not.  

The bitch of it is, life's way, way better, like pink diamonds and unicorns better, now it's consistently on.

I think I'm going to have to step out of my comfort zone, stop micro-managing and instead of walking away just...let go.

There better not be a big hot mess waiting for me though.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit