30 Sec's on....



There is some FANTASTIC Energy around right now!

I mean, seriously freaking cool.

Because we are smack bang in Game Changer Season.  

You know what I mean when I say this. I'm talking about, the bigggggggggg things that happen in our life.  The ones that open up our whole lives to new adventures and people.  

So that's the good news.

The not so much, is that you may find yourself in the wrong game.  Not just, not in the right place, at the right time but not in the right game.

This of course, may cause a few upsets.

Because, and how many times have I said this, With whom, and how you spend your time, is important.  

Do you feel amazing when you leave your peeps or do you feel, well, a little less? Like your light is a little dimmer. Do morning's make you feel excited about new possibilities or are you doing the Meh! dance in your head?  

And this is what this Energy is going to put the spotlight on.  

How, and with whom, you spend your time but more importantly, the abundance of Spirit Energy that is exchanged, while you are how-ing and whom-ing.

I know, that's a little uncomfortable, right?  How about this one... 

Do you turn up to your life?

Are you keeping your date with Destiny?  Are you using every bit of talent that you have been given?

But, and this is the part which is slightly unpleasant, what this time will also do is bring up any self-sabotaging habits that you have, which are putting a blockage on your success.

And that's a bit of a bugger.  

Mainly because they will be like old friends, or a comfy pair of slippers, pj's and a smoking pipe. Think Hugh Hefner-esque.

But all jokes aside, anything you have carried forward from your childhood, which does not serve your higher good in adult relationships, is going to come banging to the surface.  But as much as this might be a little challenging, this will also be your move forward.  Your game changer, so to speak.

Healthy relationships, whether friendship, love or family are full of abundance and generosity of Spirit.

Forgive yourself, if this hasn't been your Truth.

This Energy is a do-over though, kiddo.  A Second Chance Nelly if you will.

A time to walk your path refusing, that's absolutely refusing, to accept any less in your relationships than what you deserve.

Time to show up, baby.  

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit