30 Sec's on....




Man, I was reading back over last years blog at this time, and was remembering how everything had, or was just about to, fall out of bed.

And how it was the most challenging time that the young one and I had ever had.

Yet here we are standing here a year later.


And we're ok.

In fact, despite the odds, and they were pretty crap, we not only survived it, we thrived.

To be fair, not all at once.

There were zillions of tears, countless recriminations and bucketloads of, Why didn't you do this? Or that? Or anything different to what you did?

What made you make that choice?

Yet this year has been one of our best.

Because we didn't give up, and we didn't let go.

When it got too hard, and it got hard a lot, we continued walking through. And we talked.  Then talked some more.  And when that got too hard, we stood together in the silence, until we were able to talk again.

And then we tried to fix it.

I mean, don't get me wrong, some things are not able to be fixed in the way that you wish, and it worked out this was one.  However, we became stronger because of this conflict.  

Because you can't break the Silver Cord.  That beautiful, fragile, but strong bond, that ties you to your soul family.  

It can be squished, squeezed and squashed into shapes that it wasn't meant to be, and can certainly get a Twisted Sister vibe around it.

But it can't be broken.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit




And Spirit finally let me finish my Ta Moko.