30 Sec's on....



How freaking awesome is this, we've just hit Jupiter entering Capricorn season.

I mean, I like Jupiter and am kind of cool with Capricorn.  A few things I wouldn't mind tweaking here or there, but you know, overall, we're good friends.

So I like this Energy.

What I super love though, is that this Energy makes you look at where you have expanded.  What limitations so far have you exceeded for yourself? What boundaries have you pushed out and most importantly, from here, where are you going?   

And what is so fantastic about this time, is how many doors it opens for you.

I mean, seriously, who doesn't love choice?

Actually, now I'm saying that, you are going to have to learn how to say the word No.  Because not every door of opportunity which is presented to you, should be opened.  You know this.  Like every man who offers to sleep with you, should not be taken up.

No, seriously.  Not.

But all jokes aside, use your Energy wisely.  Trust your third eye to guide you to where you heart lives and loves.  Because all great dreams start with a passion.

And this time brings optimism.

Joyful expectations of a great end result.  

But you know what I really love about this Energy?

It's magnifying Intent.

What your Intent is...is what you will bring to eat at your table.

So if you are wining and dining greed, envy, ungratefulness and/or dissatisfaction.

Guess where your hunger will be sated?

Or you think that maybe your deserved-ness is so much more than anyone else's...

But enough of that.

I know that some of 2019 has taken longer than it should have, or you expected, but that's ok.  This year has been a finalization, a planting of seeds for blooms to grow, while dancing to an, as it should be vibe.

So this is a time of celebration.  To embrace what has gone right, reconnect into and recharge your dreams, love and be loved.

2020 is going to knock your socks off, baby.

One way or another.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit