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You know, I am super lucky that my son seems to have taken all my good qualities and not my, well, less than positive one.  

Anyway, I was thinking about this the other day.  How he used to tell me something, listen patiently to why I said it would not be a good idea, then he would get up, leave, and then do exactly what he originally said he was going to do.

I got smart on this years ago, but it's always kind of funny watching other people do the same with him.  And him nod encouragingly, as if in agreement.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there, as this is not what I wanted to talk with you about today.

I've had a couple of conversations recently, about talent vs success.

And unfortunately, I'm seeing that talent is not enough.

I mean, you do have to have some talent to be successful, but hard work will trump pure talent any day.

Your ability to want more than someone else, is literally the key to success.

Because what talent you do have, you make the most of.  And I'm watching this happen in a few areas at the moment.  

Are the people I'm watching the best?

Hell, no.

Are they the most talented?  Or have the best product?  Or even the best marketing?

No, no and no, again.

But what I am seeing, is that they're hungry.  And that hunger is making them work harder, commit more and/or try new things.

And I am literally seeing them claw success because of this.

It's interesting to watch.

I have never believed in that old warthog though of, They're lucky, they're really talented.  

I think that's bullshite.

Complete, utter, 100% shite of the bull.

Success, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on where you're standing, just comes down to these four little words:

How hungry are you?

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit