30 Sec's on....



Ooooohhhhh, guess what time it is?

Yip, almost time for a new Chinese New Year.  So, what is it going to be and how fantastic is it?

Well, it's a Metal Rat year and contrary to popular myths about rats, it has the potential to be super fantastic!

First off, it is the start of a new 60 year cycle.

I know!  How freaking awesome is that?

Which means that this year is a completion year.  A finalization if you will, of everything that you don't wish to continue forward with.  A laying to bed of old ghosts and generally a time of sowing seeds of what you do want moving forward.

Whooo!  I knew that I was loving this year.

Actually, just before I move forward into Rat year, let's look at what new inventions have happened over the last 60 years.

1) Computers.  Ha!  Can you imagine a world that lived without computers now?

2) The Apollo Program.  Putting a man on the moon.  Eventually, and hopefully in my lifetime, you may be able to vacation there.  Whooo!

3) Shipping Containers. I know, that's a bit odd.  I thought we had always had those.

4) Mobile phones.  

5) The World Wide Web.  Do you know it made multi-millionaires just by doing the www?

6) Sky.  Oh no, what would we do with only 3 channels?

7) Facebook.  That was a game changer.  I'm not a huge fan as you know, however, it's still a game changer.

8) DNA profiling.  Most probably one of the best ways that Science has moved forward.

Anyway, that's just a few.  My grandfather always used to say that he saw a lot in his 100 years.  From horses to cars to landing on the moon.  And he was right.  

But you and I are also in an age where things are moving forward quickly, and in such an awesome way.  

So these next 60 years are going to be game changers and it's going to be our young ones which are going to show us new ways.  

Not that you can't, because it's not about age, but it is about opening your mind to new possibilites, ideas and creations.   

And then to top that off, a Rat year always has the potential to bring in insane amounts of money.

So this next year looks like it's going to be a real mover and shaker, baby.

Open your mind, expand your possibilities and look into, then further than, the horizon.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit