30 Sec's on....



I'm feeling in a bit of a witchy mood, so thought I would talk about Halloween.  

Actually, if I'm being honest, I'm not a big fan of it.  I'm more of a White Witchy girl.  I like crystals and magic, moons and unicorns.  I believe in running with Energy, touching colours and tasting emotions.  

I believe in spells too, because I see the power of words and the magic of thoughts. And I see how touch weaves magic because I make balms, and literally watch magic happen.

Do I do Love Spells and Witchy Potions though?

Well, yes and no.

I bring in the magic for your soulmate but I can't make someone fall in love with you.

And Witchy Potions?

Hell, yes.

I take a living plant, add an oil, add a bee.

Boom, baby. 

And everytime I make a balm, I swear, hand on heart, I literally hear the magic start to happen.  I taste the smell and then feel the emotions that start swirling around, creating new colours, sensations, taste and ultimately, magic.

So, that's a Hell, yes.

But I don't use eye of newt.

Do I, as a White Witch, dance naked under a Full Moon though?

No, but periodically I think about it.

However, I do have a deep connection to thunder and lightening and sex in the rain.  Also on the deck in the sun, on a lazy Tuesday afternoon, now I think about it.

But anyway, I've got off my subject, I don't really celebrate Halloween because being Witchy is not about scary stuff of ugly witches and hobgoblins for me, but rather magic and miracles, crystals and unicorns.

Happy White Witches Month, baby.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit