30 Sec's on....



About 20 ish years ago I got asked the question, Do you believe in being born under an unlucky star?

Technically, an easy question.

Well, it would have been, if the man asking it hadn't done some very, very bad things and was sitting at my table, waiting for me to Read for him.  

It was one of the only times that I have ever been scared Reading.  I kept my Energy still and very quiet, but it could quite possibly have been one of the longest hours I've ever had.  It was like sitting with a not quite trained pitbull. Fine while you didn't move, but could turn in an instant.

In fact, now I'm talking about it, in the last 25 years I've only had a couple of scary clients.  

Another one was, a not conventionally attractive, but extremely charismatic man, who used to sit in front of me, look me straight in the eye and say, Tania, I had to give her a slap, she stepped out of line. Then he'd smile. It was both extremely hot and as scary as fuck.  I believe he ended up doing time for unrelated crimes.

My other memorable client was a man who looked nice and normal, and someone you would let your daughter date, but everytime we finished a Reading he would say, Do you mind if we go out on the deck and have a cigarette?  He knew I couldn't prove a thing. Every time he left though, I checked the papers for the next week, but either the women never talked or it never made the papers.  

But there's also been some seriously funny clients.  The guys that would ring me up because the stash they'd been growing had just been nicked, and they wanted to make sure they had the right guy before, well...  It was rife there for a while.

Then of course, there's been all the married men and the mistressess and one client that actually came to see me, then sent both his wife and mistress to me for Readings. That's very bad form, by the way.  

And I have been propositioned so many times - married, single, one night stands, relationships, offers of cash payment and on one memorable occasion, Tantric.  

That might have been interesting if he also didn't have a girlfriend, was shagging a cousin, his business partner's wife AND his sister-in-law.  

But anyway, I could have had sex ever day with a different man and twice on Sunday.  And this was way before Tinder.  Still can.  I think it's a Reader thing.  The Energy calls men.

But you know, in all the times I've been a Reader, Spirit and I have only ever fallen out once.

And it was a big one.

I got caught in a situation where I was Reading for a woman who was dating a man overseas, who was a convicted paedophile.

I actively hate paedophiles and normally refuse to work with them, but I got blindsided in this situation.

Well, I tried to be good and Zen, working with the belief that he had paid his debt.  

It worked, sort of.

Then I started taking reactions when she came to see me.  I started needing to have a shower after I had seen her - washing his dirt off me.  Then I started getting diarrhea, but at the exact time I started vomiting as well, I said to Spirit, Stop.

You know, people say that you can't tell a paedophile, I disagree.  

There are signs.  There are patterns.  There is an Energy.  They also don't stop.

This I know.

Anyway, at the exact time all the badness came out I said to Spirit, Stop. That's it, no more.  I won't Read for that women one more day.  I'm finished, final, over, done.  I didn't sign on for this.  I will do your work or I won't do your work, but either way, I won't do this.  

And I never did again.

But there's been so many other journey's, that I have been lucky enough to share.  

Courtcases - if your child is ever arrested tell them, Say nothing apart from, "I want my Lawyer", Children and Young Persons - never, ever let your kids get into the system if you can help it.  You're buying yourself more trouble than you ever thought possible.  However, if you ever find yourself in the position where your man has to wait in the bushes, until the Social Worker does her 10pm check at night, to make sure he's not staying and your kids are safe.  Well, you're in the wrong love story, baby.  

Real estate/property transactions, Wills or more to the point, Who gets what... embezzlements, Mail Order Brides, toy boys, gold diggers, just to name a few...and magic and miracles.  

Bucketloads and bucketloads and bucketloads of magic that just can't be explained.  

I also learnt how to touch colours, run with Energy and the taste that each emotion has.  How to put a jigsaw together and to always, always listen to that feeling that says, This isn't right.

And each and every one of these journey's that I shared, changed my sons and my life.  They made me, and therefore us, stronger or better, smarter or kinder.  

More specialized.  More synergized.

Anyway, and I have no idea how I managed to talk about things I wasn't planning to, back to my original question:

Do you believe in being born under an unlucky star?

No.  I don't.  

I do believe that we all have a shadow side, and I also believe that periodically we come to the edge of the badlands.   

But ultimately, the choice of What next...

Lies with us, within us, and the choices we actually make.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit