30 Sec's on....



Guess what month it is?

Hungry Ghost Month.

I know!  How super freaking cool and one of my most favourite months of the year.  

Let me tell you a little about Hungry Ghost Month...

It's an actual thing.

And goes from the 1st to the 29th of August and is the month where Spirits roam the Earth.  I mean, you and I both know that some special Spirits get to roam all the time, but this particular month it is believed that the gates of both Heaven and Hell open and all Spirits are allowed to wander freely on this Earth amongst us.  So, you need to be a little more careful because some Spirits are not going to be as nice as the ones I work with.  In fact, some of them can be naughty and the lost ones, can be downright scary. 

Anyway, the cool news is that the 15th is actual Hungry Ghost Month Festival day, but the whole month is a celebration.

Now as you and I both know, Spirit can't eat physical food like you and I, so instead feed these Spirits burning incense and/or paper money.  This is a gift to them to make sure that they don't cause any mischief in your own personal life.

You can also do altars of food, meat and candles if you so wish because, well, altars are cool and because how you personally communicate with Spirit is up to you.  But keep in mind that this month is all about gifting to these Spirits, because a Spirit that has you in their sight and feels kindly towards you, rains abundance down on you like sunshine on a Summer's day.

However, you do need to be more careful in your day-to-day life.

Keep your thoughts positive.

Look out for your elders and the very young.

Think bright lights and happy noise.

Be ultra aware of betrayal.  This is a month where if it is going to happen, it will.  But remember what I always say, Betrayal is the Green Eyed Monster. And you can't fight that, because someone just wants what you have. Not similar to you, not if I work hard I can get this great life no, no just wants what you have. On a positive note, September will be way easier.

Hungry Ghost Month is also not a good month for new emotional beginnings or starting a new business.  However, it is great for flirting and tempting and teasing.  Wait until 12.01 August 30th to pull out the stops and then hit the green light, baby.

Don't take risks when driving.

Be careful of your flames.  We each have 4 flames - one on each shoulder, one between, and just above, your eyes (Third eye) and one in your tummy. Do not let people touch them if you can help it, your Energy needs to be kept high.

Light as much incense as you can.  Incense brings in abundance via Spirit so use this fabulous Energy to bring more abundance into your life.  However, be aware that malevolent Hungry Ghosts will be attracted to nasty words and evil actions.  So you be keeping yourself on a tight rein with your thoughts, words and actions, baby.

But now that I have warned you of what you do need to be careful of, have fun.  

Bucket and bucket and bucketloads of fun.  

Anytime the doors to the Spirit World are open and you can see, hear and communicate directly with those who have passed over, well, no matter which way you look at it, that's something pretty freaking magical.

Happy Hungry Ghost Month!

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit