30 Sec's on....



Ok, this Eclipse, retrograde and weird ass Energy is still hanging round.  

I mean, we're through the worst but you know, it's still hanging around like a bad smell.  And I don't know whether it is because of this Energy or not, but I have been on the receiving end of some seriously weird conversations.  

So today I want to have a chat to you about dating (or wanting to date) a Psychic, and the Do's and absolute Do Not's of asking one out.

First off, there are only two kinds of men in my world:








As you can see, they are completely different men.

First off, the Knight is very young.  This does not relate to physcial age but rather emotional age.  He is someone who is always looking for the easy way. Both in and out.  He is interested about self - self interest, self focussed and self ego.  All things start with, and stop, with him.

Secondly, the King, is the kind of man that not just me, but you, should be focussing on.  He is a man of substance.  He has gone to battle and won, and has the scars to prove it.  He understands that the things that truly matter you can't buy.  He is not Instant Gratification man.  He is a man who goes the distance, setting himself up to succeed, every step of the way.

Now onto the Do's and absolute Do Not's:

1) Do talk to me.  I like that.

2) Do not talk down to me or slow your speech.  I'm Psychic, not stupid.

3) Do tell me that you are interested.  Sometimes I'm listening so hard to your Energy I miss this one.

4) Do not say to me, Guess what I'm thinking??!! Guess what I want to do to you??!!  You know what I want to do to you, right??!!  Look at you, you're blushing!!  You are!!

I like funny, I like intelligence, I like guys that flirt, I love guys who have a bit of an edge and I totally love a man who is sexy confident.  A man who knows his worth and understands the dance that happens beforehand.  Guess what I'm thinking??!! Guess what I want to do to you??!! is not any of that.

5) Do not leave it to me to make the first move.  We'll be in the next century if you're waiting for that.

6) Do be gentle in your Energy.  Energy is loud for me, I am always having two conversations.  One of the physical words and one of the Energy kind.  

7) Do not be offended if I don't automatically say Yes.  I often need time to decide how I feel about things.

8) Do your thing.  No seriously, do you.  Don't be what you think I want you to be, just do you.  


So, that's it.  

Live your life, be awesome, ask me out.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit