30 Sec's on....



You know for someone who works with Spirit every day, I do not believe in luck or coincidences.

I know, Quelle Horreur!

But seriously, I don't believe in unplanned, random meetings or buy into the theory that some people are just lucky.  

I think like attracts like and I think you draw certain Energies towards you. That you literally call in your Destiny.

I also know that Spirit help.  

That they walk with you, offering advice, trying to guide you on the right path away from the negative, and shining a light on the positive.  Encouraging and supporting you in your quest to live a totally fullfilled and sun kissed, successful life.  

And they do this via messages of seeing a particular colour or car everywhere, seeing Destiny numbers like 1,2,3 or 111 or 999 or 333, songs, books and sometimes just totally random meetings.  

Like today.

Well, actually, like a couple of days ago and today.

And it goes like this:

A couple of days ago I was in a shop, having a little chitchat with the owner while I waited for some food, and the next minute this weirdly random guy pipes up, I totally agree.  It's not right.  

It was a bit out of left field.  

Especially, considering that it was 4pm on a Sunday, and he looked homeless. A little displaced, slightly dishevelled and had a large box of bourbon and cola tucked under his arm.

He was right, but it was a little strange.

I got my food and left, and put the whole experience out of my mind.

Fast forward to today.

So there I was, driving along in my own little world, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a hitch hiker.  Now I never used to stop, but after the young one's international friends started doing it, I try and pick up a young one and help out if I can.

However, I don't normally pick up anyone that looks older than a starving student.

I slowed down, came to a stop in front of the guy and Hello! who do we have?  


Bloody homeless man from the other day.  Who, it works out, is not homeless, displaced, dishevelled or a drunk.

I know, go figure.

But anyway, whenever I find myself in not just one random experience, but two, I start listening.  Really listening.  Because Spirit have something that they want to get across to me and for one reason or another, they think I'm not listening.

So, in the 12 minutes I had to get to my destination, I opened up every sense that I had.  Emotions were bursting with colour, words had smells, I was touching and tasting and hearing and being. 

Did I get all the right information in the way that Spirit intended?

If I'm being honest, maybe not 100%. I mean, Spirit can't just force me to do things before I'm ready.

However, I did hear.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit