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I have had some truly disturbing conversations this week, but one has been particularly close to my heart, so you and I need to have a tutu about this:

Did you know that Children's and Young Person's took another 80 children from their Mothers this year, than they did in the previous 12 months?

Now 80 overall, it doesn't sound that much, right?

Well, no, I guess not, when we have a population in the millions.  However, I am not talking about 80 children uplifted from their home, I am talking about 80 children uplifted from the hospital from where they were born.

Children that were uplifted within hours of their birth.  

But not just 80 children.

80 more.

Now you understand?

This is a huge area of concern.  Well, for a start, who decides whether you are a fit Mom or not?

Does this come down to age, addiction, bad relationships and/or abuse?  Is religion taken into account, or what about Spirituality?  Is it different if you are married?  What about gay, bi-sexual or horror of horrors, transgender? Does the colour of your skin make a difference?

Well, it could be all or any of the above.  But no one will admit to anything playing a part in this decision, apart from addiction, bad relationships and/or abuse.  However, working on that theory, our reality in statistics of addiction, bad relationships and abuse has to have skyrocketed.

But, and this is the funny thing, they haven't, or most certainly not to the degree that this baby taking indicates.

So, back to my original question, Who decides?  

But let's take this further, Do you get a do over?  Do they just keep coming and taking every child you have?  What are your rights?  Do you even have any?

But that will never happen to you.

Well, you're most probably right.  If you are white, middle class and married, hell, you're most probably as safe as gold plated houses.  But what about those people, who through choice or chance, don't fall into that catagory?  

Who is making these rules?  Who is deciding where, how and when to enforce them?

But I'm talking about this today, because I'm watching things happen overseas that is making my skin crawl, literally giving me the heebee jeebees, and I'm starting to see the same kind of Energy sneak in here.  

People in authority who are starting to choose the choices women have, or don't have, and that's wrong.  

No one should decide how you live your life.

And I don't know about you, but I allowed no one to come in and make choices for me and my son when he was younger, and I certainly wouldn't allow it to happen if I was raising a young one now.  

I did, and will continue to, raise my family as I see fit and I will not ask any man (or woman's) permission for how I do it.  

But that doesn't just come down to me, I also don't want someone coming in and making your choices for you either.

No matter which way I look at it though, we either have a tumulteous, and expontenially increasing, abuse issue or a serious, and highly disturbing, abuse of power happening.

It's not just 80 newborn babies.

It's 80 more.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit