30 Sec's on....



I'm loving the way this year is going!

Yes, it has had it's challenges, but around every corner there seems to be another, and quite awesome, opportunity.

Should you take every opportunity offered?

Hell no, baby!

But choice is the next best thing to opportunity, and what I'm finding this year is, What you desire, is being presented to you.

But honestly, even as I'm writing this I'm hearing my Nana say, Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.  And I have to say here, I am very, very careful to check in at all times that what I desire, is what is right for my greater good.

Well, let's think about this.  If I want a great relationship full of love and commitment, passion and laughter, then that's what I want.  And this may just be an age thing but I never, repeat, never confuse a relationship with a person.

Because, and you and I have talked about this many times before, the man I think I want, may not, in real time, be that fantastic.  

So I can have a fabulous relationship.

I can also have this man.

But I never lose sight of the fact that just possibly, I can't have a fabulous relationship with this man, because he's just not fabulous.

He may be though...but I always leave the door open, until I'm sure that he has the courage and backbone, honesty, loyalty, fidelity and depth that I need to breathe.

Can I breathe with him?

Do I want to?

Anyway, back to my original subject, I'm always fine tuning my life - emotionally, physically, intimately, Spiritually and/or financially.  Checking in with Spirit, seeing that what, or whom, I want, need and desire is right for my heart and my life.

Culling, adding, smoothing off the rough edges, tweaking and/or looking for better ways.  Sometimes making a U-turn because something small has shown me that I want to pursue it, that I've seen a seed of magic.  Other times I walk, because something I thought was looking amazing, shows itself to be all hot air and marshmallow.  

I'm also not afraid to consistently cull to make room for, or build on, the fabulous.

And that's what you should be taking from the first few months of this year.  


Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit