30 Sec's on....



First off, I have to say here, that I have a love vs actively not love relationship with my Healing Stones.

I love them because they are awesome in their totality, of bringing me back in balance.  Their ability to re-connect me to that which is important, to let go of that which hasn't worked, has failed or is broken but most importantly, I love swimming to the depths of my soul.  

However, I actively do not like the Healing process that has to be travelled for the final part.

But let me tell you how they work...

So, there I was last week, going about my week all happy and joyful.  But a couple of things had happened which had made me go, That's a bit odd but since I can happily avoid when I put my mind to it, I just assumed this was all happening because I had been crazy busy, like crazy.

But anyway, first off, I was holding all this water.  I was drinking almost 3 litres a day and none of it was coming out.  That was unusual but you know, I thought maybe I was just a little dehydrated.  

Secondly, all my bodily functions stopped.  Nothing was moving.  I blamed that on the moon.

Thirdly, I accepted a coffee date with a 30 year old, (coffee in a cup, not you know, coffee) actually no justification for that, just, well, you know.  

Fourthly, my body felt unbalanced.  Like I was hunched on one side.  I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle while I slept.

However, it wasn't until I was sitting there at home eating my third (3rd) piece of Caramel Mudcake that I went, Uh oh, there's something wrong.

To be fair, I did do a soul check to see if I could re-position and balance back out myself.  

I checked my Throat Chakra to see whether I was speaking my Truth.  

I was. My Heart Chakra was fine.  

Was I worried about turning 50?  I didn't seem to be.  Throat Chakra was fine.  

Was I freaking out that I was single?  No.  I am getting offers on an almost daily basis from men who are tall, short, younger, older, fat, thin, rich, poor (and too many to count from married) and any or all, of the above combinations.  

Was I happy for others?  Yes.  Throat and Heart Chakra fine.  

So as I was checking my words, I was ticking off conversations re other people's words or actions that I had had over the last 10 days.  Fine, fine, fine, fine Boom! not fine, fine, fine.


And then I heard the Stones.

Now I've had my stones about 10 years now, or close to.  They live in this beautiful wooden box, there are 78 in there (I think, I haven't counted recently, there could be 100) and use 7.  

The same 7.

They sit on my kitchen bench, tucked in the corner and for months and months and months, they sit there quietly and just hang out, absorbing the Energy of our home.  

And then one day they start calling me.

I try not to listen.  Or maybe I do hear but I'm too busy, or just want to avoid whatever has upset my soul.

So Spirit send me other signs until there I am going, Uh, oh...

But once I'm in the, It's Healing time headspace, I love them.

I love the process of heating them in the oven, I love the physicalaity of turning off work, turning the lights down, getting naked, bringing the Stones out of the oven and lying them in their particular way, then lying on them, waiting for their magic to work.

And it does, every single time.

You're there, as one with the Stones, and their heat is coming through the towels and your soul starts re-balancing.  But the best part is once your physical body starts tuning in with your soul body, you literally start hearing the trauma coming away from your soul.  There's actually a ripping sound.

I love that part.  

Once I'm finished, I wrap the Stones in a new towel, then pop them into bed, go and have a shower and then sleep ontop of them.  I always sleep naked.  

I do this for 2 or 3 days straight because once you do one, you get thirsty. That's the only way I can describe it.  You need to do the Stones again.  And you keep doing them until you are filled.

So, far this is the awesomest of the awesome.

However, if Healing was that easy, everyone would do it. 

First, I sleep amazingly for the first night or so, then the nightmares start.

But they're not nightmares, they're trauma, hurt, disappointment and/or old pain which is no longer needed, travelling up from your body, coming to the surface and dissolving into the ether.  

One dream at a time.

I love these Stones to bits...apart from when I don't.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit


It worked out that it was an old emotional wound that I thought was dead and buried.  I would like to say, betrayal but I don't think that's the right word, yet how do you describe taking what you haven't earnt. 

** When I refer to Heart Chakra I am directly talking about Speaking Your Truth.  The actual words that live in your heart.  Your Heart Chakra is directly related to your Throat Chakra so when you do not Speak Your Truth, you get a niggle in your throat so that you have to consistently clear your throat before you speak.  Your glands get swollen and it's like you are about to get the flu but you don't actually get it.   

You: As you go to speak *cough cough* 

Me: Your Heart Chakras out.