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I want to talk aobut Healers today.

Mostly because I'm in a bit of a witchy mood, so want to talk about these wonderful old ways, of fixing the body and soothing the soul.

First off, did you know that the very first physcian to Study the Pulse was Herophilos of Alexandria (born 300 B.C) and lived in Egypt, not Hippocrates who was born 460 B.C on the island of Kos, Greece?  I know, I thought that was interesting too.  Now enough of the head man stuff let's get into the old ways.

First off, what is a Healer?  

The Aboriginal Healers describe their work as this:

We focus on pain relief, pain management and Spiritual disorders of the soul. When the Spirit is not there or not in its right place, we return the Spirit to it's rightful place.

Native Americans use natural herbs as a basis in their healing process and refer to their Healing as...Stretching beyond the body's aches and pains into the Spirit realm.

In Ancient Egypt, 3300 B.C to 523 B.C is where the dawn of Medicine (in the tradional way as we know it) was born.  However, it is interesting that this new practice came from the old belief system that disease of the body came from Gods, Demons, Spirits and Spiritual unease.  That all ill-health had a Spiritual basis of inbalance and that phyical dis-ease came from Spiritual unhappiness.

In fact, Doctors believed that Spirits blocked the channels of the body therefore affecting the way it worked.

The Maori's believe that Mother Nature needs to be looked after and if Mother Nature is looked after, then the Whanau as a whole will be looked after.  That we are all interconnected and if one person in the whanau is sick then everybody suffers.  

And Chinese Healers, who have been around for 1000's of years, talk about the Yin/yang of the body.  Night and day, wet and dry.

However, we as modern peeps of the 21st Century, have moved away from the old Healer ways.  We thought they were well, old fashioned and stupid. That we were smarter and it was more efficient to take a pill and be done with it.  

Yet look at what we have now.  We've developed obesity issues, we have some of the highest Depression and suicide rates in the world, not to mention other Mental Health issues and people are generally unhappier.  

But this, in a weird ass, way is having a good end result, because slowly but surely, I am seeing a comeback to the old Healer ways.  

And the old Healer ways as I work with them, are based on the balance of the Spirit, living in soul harmony with the physical body.  This means that the way you live your outward life, must live in peace with how you live your inside (soul) life.  When one is out, the other will be out and you will have health issues.

And that your human body is a miniature version of your larger, surrounding Universe.  

I also believe that your body has a personal and unique balance of wet and dry, and that on a daily basis you must check in and rebalance this.  And a big part of keeping this balance right is food.  

But food is just one part of your story.  

There are many other outside influences which impact you: seasons will affect this balance ie: summer/autumn/winter/spring, and naturally your own personal cycle of high and low flow.  However, disaccord and disharmony in the family or work environment must also be taken into the mix for personal well-ness.  

Because toxic relationships whether family, love or in work have a huge impact on your well-being. 

But don't get me wrong, your well-ness is yours to own.  It stops and starts with you.  

However, it also walks hand in hand with outside Energy.  And to have a beautiful life, you need to learn how to recognise and release toxic Energy. Then you have to re-learn how to run with the Energy, instead of trying to limit or contain it, to make it fit what you think it should be.    

Running with Energy makes your powerful.  

Containing it makes you powerless.




Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit