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You know, after 25 years, the two questions I still get asked the most are:

Do you believe in Karma? and Do you believe in luck?

Hell yes! to the first and Not like that to the second.

And these questions came up again today, while I was hanging out having a cuppa, with some of my favorite peeps.

So, let's have a little tutu about this...

I believe in Karma because I am in the unusual position of seeing the end results of the work I do.  I would like to say it is always a joy and I am 100% happy with every end result, but I can't.  Or won't, depending on which way you look at it.

However, I do believe that good and kind actions bring good and kind things into your life.  

Not always immediately, and most certainly not in an you owe me way.  But with the benefit of 25 years hindsight, putting good out, brings good back in.

Every single time.

However, it often doesn't come in in the way that you think, wish or desire.

I mean, I often hear people say that if you're good towards one person or persons, then good will come back from that person or persons.

That belief is inaccurate.  Karma comes from the Higher Power of Spirit and has no human limitations or confinements.  

Actually, the correct meaning is:  Karma is the complete and Divine balance of good out vs good in which transcends time and space.  

Now, let's talk about luck.

Luck to me is all about the Scales of Life.  This is when things go out of balance and everything is crazy for a while and then Boom! all of a sudden good, seemingly random things start happening.  

This is the Scales of Life balancing out other peoples good or bad deeds towards us and where we as humans, talk about good luck or bad luck coming in.

And the Scales are always in constant movement.

But look at youKarma and the Scales of Life as a triangle. 




You are down the bottom (light blue).  You are the biggest part of your life and decide how your life goes because of the choices you personally make. The middle (dark blue) is the Scales of Life and the top is Karma.

But wait...





Everything is in complete and total balance.


Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit