30 Sec's on....



So my thinking is this, If you can fix a small problem with something small then to fix a bigger problem just use more.

Ok, so in hindsight that was a truly bad idea.

Even writing it I can see a bright orange, neon flashing light happening, however at the time, it made perfect sense.

And it goes like this...

I needed to paint my fence.  It had rotted, broken and been replaced however, it had not been painted.  And in case you hadn't noticed, I dislike with a passion unfinished things.  So, it was slowly driving me nuts every time I saw it.

Deciding that I could not stand to look at it one more day, I booked some time out and decided to paint it.  Which is where I made my first mistake.

Previously, if I had needed to fix any wood issues I had used a good old fashioned, black spray can.  In my defence, the spots I had fixed were small and the spray can was perfect for the job.

And before you ask, no, not paint put in a spray type thingy but actual spray paint.

Second mistake was not asking advice from all the multiple people around who know and love me.

Third mistake was actually spray painting the fence although to be fair, I didn't immediately see this for the faux pau that it was.  I needed an overnight sleep and rain to see that.

So, I finished fence, happy in my success and went inside feeling very pleased with myself.  Went to bed and had a fabulous sleep.  Woke up and it had rained in the night.  All goods.  Until I went outside and saw my fence.  

It was all splotchy and tie dyed-y.

Oh crap.

However, I am one success focussed chicky babe so I thought to myself, Just go down to Mitre 10, get new paint and fix it.  No problemo.  

But before I got there, I stopped off for a cuppa with some of my friends, had a bit of a chit chat about fence (I know, I know, horse, gate, bolted) and everyone was a bit of, Ohhhh... 

I still didn't get it.

However, I was given strict instructions as to what to tell Mitre 10, what I needed from them and was given primer, sticks (to stir primer), and all different kinds of brushes from my friends and then sent on my way.  I was feeling hopeful.

Until I got to Mitre 10.

I found myself talking to a woman salesperson, whipped out my phone, showed her what I had, what I needed and then waited, feeling quite proud of myself.

Until she looked at me.  And started tutting.  Then the head shaking started, tut tutt, more head shaking, more tut tutt-ing and so it went.

Then she stopped.  There was silence.  She then gave me the death stare and said, Do you know what you've done?  You never EVER use spray paint. Especially, that kind.  It's enamel.  You're going going to need a miracle to fix this...

Well, it works out I didn't.  I just needed to repaint the fence.  Twice.

Ok, ok, and maybe do a teensy, tiny prayer to Spirit.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit