30 Sec's on....




So I've finally tuned in and found my 80 year old Zen person. 

No, not physically, thank you very much, but rather my inner whole person.

The person who has lived a thousand lifetimes and uses that knowledge to live a happy, healthy emotional, physical and Spiritual life.

But it was a bit of hard work there for a couple of days.  

Mostly because my human 49 and 1/2 year old self kept butting in with, S.O.B! Tell me that didn't just happen...

But it had, and no matter how much I wanted to make it all go away and pretend it wasn't happening, I've had to choose where I really stand, and how much I love my son.

It's worked out quite a bit.

Now as you know, my son and I are very, very different.  On just about everything.  Actually, we're about as different as the sun to the moon.

However, overall (apart from when he's driving me batsh*te crazy) we have an awesome relationship.

Anyway, before I go banging off on a completely different subject, it's worked out that my son can't be in two places at once.  

I know, go figure.

But anyway, my human self was like, There's no choice, you're my son.  

Which is a normal Mum reaction.  However, once I thought about it, it didn't sit well with me.  

Mostly because I'm a better person than that.  I'm bigger than that.  And I have more belief in myself, our life and our relationship.

But the crux of the matter still irked me, so I needed some extra help.  I couldn't, or wouldn't, see the wood for the trees, so I did the one thing that would shed light on my path.  

I spoke to my actual 81 year old friend.  

And we just sat there and shot the breeze.  We didn't do any blaming or finger pointing or any malicious stuff, we just talked.

I would like to say that I walked away all happy and stuff but that would be a lie, however, I stayed on my soul path and was able to build from there.

And I did.

I don't give ultimations because I don't do ultimations.  They're petty and pointless and little.  

And the relationship I have with my son is strong.  

It's vibrant and creative, scientific and Spiritual and just totally, totally 100% awesome.

And this link, well it transcends time and distance and DNA, it literally can't be broken over one 24 hour day.

Or any 24 hour day.

All is right with our world again.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit