30 Sec's on....



I had the most awesome conversation the other night.

It was full of empowerment and positivity, but then this beautiful human being said, It's living grief.


What a beautiful phrase.

And it's really stuck in my head because this woman was so positive.  We had spoken about travel and careers, husbands (well, hers), dating on the singles scene (mine) and we were having a hoot.  We were having the best time.  

We talked about how everything relates, how one choice makes the next, and the next and then Boom! that's your life.

But we also talked about the things that happen when you're younger, that you have no control over, then what happens when you do have choices. 

Then we talked about how life can change in an instant, and that's how we started talking about living grief.

Because this brave woman talked about how she had one life one day and then things changed.  


No.  In stages.

But as these changes happened, she decided she wasn't going to be a victim. She put on her big girl pants and just got on with it.

She re-trained, she got educated about what was happening and what would happen in the future, and then she found joy.

Bucketloads and bucketloads and bucketloads of joy.

Yes, she had the choice of walking out and starting again.  But for her, that was never a choice, although I bet on her darkest days, that thought crossed her mind.

But anyway, she termed this experience living grief and as she explained it, calling it this, makes it bearable.

It gives it a name.  

It gives her something to fight with and for but most importantly, it takes away the pain.

And that's why I wanted to write about this today.

We all have choices and sometimes those choices suck the kumara big time. 

However, there is always a door that offers joy.  

It may not be what you expected.  And it may certainly not be what you would have first chosen, but I promise you, joy can be had.

Dig deep and find it.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit