30 Sec's on....



So, there I was the other night, in what should have been one of the warmest nights, making marmalade while it was freeeeezzzzzzing outside.

But anyway, the smell was delicious wafting through the house, and I was having fond memories of the tart and sweet touching my tongue.

However, as I was standing there, inhaling the deliciousness I was having little caterpillars creeping up my spine.  Little niggles of, Something's not right here.

Of which I poo-poohed away because I was in sensory heaven.

But that little niggle wasn't stopping.

It started whispering, When was the last time you had marmalade?

Right about then I should have stopped and thought about that.  Really thought about it.  But no.  I wanted what I wanted.

And that was marmalade.

I also need to say that while I was marmalading, I had also tried a new cake recipe.  It had 4 ingredients in it and sounded easy.  So, that was also gently cooking away.

Marmalade got finished and put in jars while I tried my very best to shoo-shoo the little voice away which was saying, If marmalade is a good food for you, then why can't you remember the last time you ate it?  

I refused to listen.  I wanted what I wanted.

The marmalade started cooling down and the cake came out of the oven.

I waited until the exact minute I wouldn't burn my mouth then made a cuppa, cut the cake and went to sit in the lounge with my marmalade.

The cake was disappointing.  It was good because it was warm but certainly wouldn't be good cold.  No matter, I slathered on marmalade.  

Then some more.

Then more.

As the spoon was in the jar for the 4th time and my tastebuds were having their tangy tart experience, I got my lightening bolt moment.

I don't eat grapefruit because they are not my friend.

They make my hormones go funky.

They make me weepy and my Energy jittery.


Big crapola.

Within 30 minutes, my Energy was high and my heart was racing.  I eventually slept ok-ish that night but I woke up funky and my skin had broken out.

I gave away every jar I had made, first thing the next morning.

Food is soooooooooooooo important to how you live, love and work in your life.

Technically, I had done everything right.  

Soul-wise I had done everything wrong.



However, once I'd stopped sulking and tuned back onto the soul food frequency I realized I can eat lemons until the cows come home, so now I'm on the hunt for an awesome lemon curd recipe instead.

Want what you need, baby.



Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit