30 Sec's on....



Let's talk about sex, baby.

Well, it's either that or have a chit chat that it is 38 days to Christmas.  

I know, I thought that too.

But it's really interesting because right about now is what I've termed, The Xmas Shag Parade. This loosely translates to, I don't want to be by myself at Christmas so eenie, meenie, miney, moe...

So, let's talk about Moe.

Moe is the guy (or girl) you shouldn't be with.

The one who doesn't fit you right - emotionally, physically, intimately or Spiritually.

Moe is the one you should let get away but for one reason or another you won't.

Because you don't want to be by yourself, lonely, or good old fashioned Plain Jane single when all your friends are loved up at Christmas.  Or you need someone to help with those nasty jolly season ol' bills.

Yeah, that's Moe.

But wait, I don't want you thinking that I am uncaring or quelle horreur judging you, no, no, it is because you are letting yourself down.

You are setting yourself up to fail but more importantly, you are shooting Cupid down with your own arrow.

Because you're saying you don't deserve an awesome relationship.  That awesome doesn't really exist, it's just a lie and all relationships get pretty mundane in the end.


Like, Whoa...

Awesome is as awesome does.

Great relationships exist.  Great healthy emotionally, physically, intimately and sexually awesome relationships exist.  

But you're right, they take a bit of time.

Love and care.  A little water, a lot of sunshine, a few cloudy days and of course, a rainbow or two.

Not forgetting to mention, a good dose of Faith.

That the right person is out there for you, and you deserve to be with them.

But you know, I think of relationships with mindblowing sex like a great kick ass, knock you on your knees dress.

The dress can be amazing but you've got to have the right shoes, hair, nails, handbag and of course, perfume.  That Je ne sais quoi that makes you, well you and links all the magic together.

Otherwise it's just a dress.

Don't date Moe.

But more importantly, don't be Moe.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit